At Orange Thread LIVE, you’ll get hands-on experience with cutting edge technology so you are prepared for the “real-world” with real-experience, not just something you can read in a text book. Imagine this to be a lab environment for you to play and learn at the same time!


We believe interns are more than just coffee making, errand running, team members. Our intern program will allow you to engage in nearly every aspect of our business so you can learn more than just gear and coffee (which we’ll show you that too!)

Creative & Technical

Wanting to expand your technical insight and creative ideas? We’ll that’s what we do on a regular basis. You’ll learn audio, video and lighting technology along with creative processes to help you be more well-rounded in the live events industry!

“I throughly loved every minute of my internship! I was able to work a ton of great events, increase my people skills and learn new technology! All of this helped me after I graduated!”

– Former Orange Thread Intern

Internship Description & Responsibilities

Orange Thread LIVE is out to remove headaches from the live event production world. 
We’re looking for a talented intern to help us create lasting experiences. From experience with professional event equipment to the planning process of executing our client’s events, you’ll get to see the whole process of what it takes to be a part of a live events team.

Typical Internship Duties

Internship Duties Include:

  • Load in, Load out events (as needed)
  • Equipment prep and management
  • Budgeting for live events
  • Assist with advance work and logistics management for events
  • Digital marketing including social media, website management, and SEO
  • Writing proposals
  • Operate audio, video, and/or lighting equipment including but not limited to cameras, computers, and projectors in a multitude of live event settings
  • Hands on training on some production equipment equipment including switchers, projectors, LED walls, and interactive media

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

  • Design, quote, plan, and execute an events from the ground up
  • Learn the basics of multiscreen video technologies
  • Gain insights on event production budgeting
  • Audio/Video/Lighting system design, and signal flow
  • Marketing, SEO, and how social media impacts a small business
  • Customer relations and account management
  • Vendor relations and management
  • How to direct a multi camera video shoot
  • Production management and how to effectively lead a crew
  • Rental inventory management
  • What it takes to start your own company with regular one-on-one meetings with the owner

How To Apply.

This is a part-time position that requires you to be in Nashville, TN. We will pay a stipend for those who are able to work an approx 15+ hours of work a week. Opportunities for additional hours may be available as our event schedule dictates, additional bonus pay for events worked on behalf of Orange Thread LIVE.

If you’re ready to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Dan, our head of live events.